This policy is designed to cover the increased cost of working incurred by you caused by or arising from the insured perils described in the policy.

Scope of Cover:
Loss of gross profit due to a reduction in turnover and /or increase in the cost of working following an interruption of the business by a loss which is indemnificable under fire and allied perils.

This is designed to cover goods in transit by the insured in their own vehicles or hired ones and in their control and custody.

Scope of Cover:
Loss of or damage to the whole or part of the property described in the schedule, owned by the insured or for which they are responsible, in the course of transit by means of conveyance or other means incidental thereto and caused by any accident or misfortune not otherwise excluded.

This policy is designed to provide coverage for all types of civil engineering works from the construction of small building such as low cost private dwelling house, to massive dams or bridges or airports. It is designed to meet the needs of the contractor, but provision is made for the needs of the employer (principal) and can also be extended to include the interests of the subcontractors and / or Suppliers of the Main Contractor. The risk commences from the time of delivery of material to the site, through the whole construction period to the final handover to the employer, with a further extension for any maintenance period.

Scope of cover:
Loss or damage to the contract works from the following:-
        i.)     Fire, Lightning, and Explosion
        ii.)    Water damage and wind storm
        iii.)   Earthquake, Subsidence, Land-slip and Collapse
        iv.)   Burglary and Theft
        v.)    Accidental Damage and Impact

This policy is designed to cover vehicles which are in custody for which you are responsible and held on commission which do not belong to you.

          Own Damage Limit
          Third Party Limit
          Annual Turnover
          Workshop Wages

Scope of cover:
Covers vehicles damaged on the premises, only the insured's own vehicles for accidental damage. Covers for customer's vehicles is restricted to; loss or damage arising from negligence of the insured or his employees. Loss or damage caused by a defect in the premises, plant or machinery.

This policy is designed to cover all glass [other than mirrors] presumed to be a plain plate / float glass not exceeding 6mm thickness, whether coated with film or not, or 6.5mm laminated safety glass.

Scope of Cover:
It covers accidental physical loss of or damage to Internal & External glass [including mirrors, sign writing and treatment thereon at your premises as stated in the schedule, the property for which you are responsible.

Extension of Cover:
  1. The cost of boarding up as may be reasonably necessary.
  2. Damage to shop fronts, frames, window display, burglar alarm strips, wires and vibrates as a direct result of such loss.
  3. The cost of removal and installation of fixtures and fittings necessary for the replacement of glass.
  4. The cost of employment of a watchman service prior to the replacement of glass or boarding up or the repair of the burglar alarm system, unless payable under any other insurance arranged by the You.
  5. Riot and strike
  6. Claims Preparation Costs

  1. Loss of or damage covered by any fire insurance.
  2. Glass forming part of the stock.
  3. Glass which at the inception of cover is already cracked or broken unless cover has been agreed by the Botswana Insurance Company.
  4. Defacement or damage other than fracture through the entire thickness of the glass or any laminate thereof.
  5. Discharge of pollutants or contaminants
  6. Total or partial cessation of or interruption of work
  7. The use or operation, as a means for inflicting harm, of any computer, computer system or computer software program, malicious code, virus or process or any other electronic system.