This policy is designed to provide coverage for all types of civil engineering works from the construction of small building such as low cost private dwelling house, to massive dams or bridges or airports. It is designed to meet the needs of the contractor, but provision is made for the needs of the employer (principal) and can also be extended to include the interests of the subcontractors and / or Suppliers of the Main Contractor. The risk commences from the time of delivery of material to the site, through the whole construction period to the final handover to the employer, with a further extension for any maintenance period.

Scope of cover:
Loss or damage to the contract works from the following:-
        i.)     Fire, Lightning, and Explosion
        ii.)    Water damage and wind storm
        iii.)   Earthquake, Subsidence, Land-slip and Collapse
        iv.)   Burglary and Theft
        v.)    Accidental Damage and Impact