This policy is designed to cover all types of plant and machinery which is susceptible to breakdown or damage regardless of its quality, age and maintenance. The cover is on all risks basis, except for loss or damage normally covered by a fire and allied perils, theft and foreseeable loss or damage arising directly out of continued ordinary use of machinery.

On all plant, machinery and equipment
Claims Preparation Costs

Scope of Cover:
Loss of or damage due to unforeseen and sudden damage to the insured plant and machinery whilst it is at work or rest or during cleaning, inspection, overhaul or removal to another position within the premises due to faulty material, design, construction or erection, operation, lack of skill, negligent or malicious acts failure of insulation, short circuits or arcing, defective lubrication, loosening of parts, abnormal stress, centrifugal force, Impact, collision, falling objects, vibration, mal-adjustment, mal-alignment, shortage of water in pressure vessels.