This policy is designed to cover the entire contents of a domestic residence whilst contained in the declared residence, belonging to you as the insured or for which you are responsible.

Scope of Cover:
1. Loss or damage to all assets caused by:
2. Fire, lightning, or explosion;
3. Earthquake;
4. Storm, wind, water, hail or snow;
5. Aircraft, other aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom;
6. Impact by animals, aerials, trees or vehicles, excluding the; destruction of or damage to such vehicles or property on or such vehicles;
7. Accidental Leakage or discharge from automatic sprinkler installations or portable fire extinguishing appliances except as the result of wear or freezing whilst the premises are unoccupied;
8. Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes;
Theft or attempted theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry or exit into and out of the building;

Extension of Cover:
1. Accidental Damage
2. Riot, strike and civil commotion
3. Personal effects of guests
4. Locks and key

1. Money or negotiable instrument except as specifically mentioned;
2. Medal, stamp and coin collection, except as specifically mentioned;
3. Motor vehicles, trailers, caravans, watercraft, aircraft and their accessories, livestock or trade goods of any description;
4. Property more specifically insured;
5. Precious metal and stones, jewelry and furs to the extent that their undamaged value exceeds 30 percent of the total sum insured.

Indemnity Period: Twelve [12] Months
Special Conditions
(i) Average: If the property insured shall, at the commencement of any destruction or damage to such property by any peril insured against being destruction or damage to such property by any peril insured against being collectively of greater value than the sum insured thereon, then the insured shall be considered as being his own insurer for the difference and shall bear a ratable share of the loss accordingly. Every item, if more than one, shall be separately subject to this condition.

If the insured item is an individually specified article then.